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What Are The Stages of Home Repossession?

Updated: Mar 12

House repossession is a legal process where a secured loan or mortgage lender provider takes ownership of a property. Lenders will resort to court action to repossess your property as a last resort if you have failed to make mortgage repayments and so are in arrears.

The first stage of home repossession is contact from your lender about your arrears. They will acknowledge the missed payment and ask what you will do in order to pay it back. At this point of home repossession, you may want to contact a professional about debt advice. You will be provided with suggestions such as finance tracing and prioritising your debts, meaning you will have to live a stricter lifestyle when it comes to money, until your debt has been paid off and you are away from the risk of losing your home. If you are unable to do this, you may be able to come to an agreement for a payment plan with your lender.

The next stage will be the lender starting court action for home repossession. This will occur if you choose to ignore the initial contact from your lender about your arrears. You will receive documents regarding all of your missed payments and a total of how much is owed. You will then receive further documents from the court, notifying you of the date and time of your hearing with the additional information of why you have been taken to court.

The following stage is the hearing and the outcome which you have to attend or you have a chance of losing your home by decision of the court. In this situation, it is likely you’ll need a legal representative if possible, if not, due to financial viability, you will have access to someone who will give you advice on what to say and do. A decision then be made by the court which will result in either two orders:

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Lansdowne house, 57 Berkeley Square,

London, W1J 6ER